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Make a bigger impact in your role and organisation - make a bigger impact on the world...

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Jess Knowles

Brand Consultant 

So insightful hearing others views... 

“I loved my first virtual book club with Una. It was so insightful hearing other people’s view on the same book.

Not only that but it opened my eyes to how I can implement the information from the book to my business! I came away very inspired, I’ll definitely be at the next one.” 

Sarah Graham 

Gold Travel Counsellor 

Already implemented some actions...

“I think the online Business Impact Book Club” is an absolutely brilliant idea! I loved the first book “The Ideal Team Player” and the online meet up was really useful.

I got so much from the both the book and the discussion - so much so that I have already implemented some follow up actions into both my business and my personal life.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone!”

How Will You Make an Impact with the "Business Impact Book Club"?

When someone attends the book club something great happens to add smiles in the world, e.g. a child in Cambodia gets access to a library book for a week. 

It is FREE for you to attend.

And if you wish, you can chose to buy a 'Ticket For Good' (only £5) where something even better happens, such as sewing lessons for women (India), support for a farmer to run a bee keeping business (Kenya) or one these examples below...
(Via my partner B1G1 who vets all projects thoroughly)

Empower a Young Adult through the Creative Arts

Empower a young adult through the creative arts

Empower Women with Literacy and Business Skills

Empower Women with Literacy and Business Skills

B1G1 Provide Textbooks for Primary School Children in Kenya

Provide Textbooks for Primary School Children in Kenya

what you get

Here’s what you’ll get in the Business Impact Book Club!

Reading (or listening to audio books) is great! We all love to learn, right? 

Yet how often have you read something, intended to apply it but never got around to it?

On each monthly Zoom Book Club call we'll not only discuss that month's read, you'll get into if, how and when to apply what you learned to make a bigger impact in your role or organisation.

Discuss Ideas and Concepts

I don't know about you but I definitely think out loud. Sometimes I don't even know what I think until I say it! ;-)

Getting to discuss a book means that you can articulate your thoughts and hear others' perspectives too.

Cement your thinking so that you can decide on any appropriate actions.

Get Clarity on What To Implement

Learning NOT applied is just learning for learnings sake. While that can be enjoyable, if you're reading to improve your performance and/or your organisation's results then you want to take some action, right?

Each call you'll get coaching on what is most relevant for you to implement so you can focus on what matters most.

Unpick and Unblock Any Obstacles To Change

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to do with what you've learned BUT there's one or more people (or systems) in the organisation that might not make it so easy...


Discover ways to approach changes and people for best results.

Be Part of Something Great and Join the "Business Impact Book Club" Now!

Pop your details below and then save your seat for the next event on the following page.

Note: You will only receive emails regarding the Book Club

About Your Host, Úna Doyle

I'm a Speaker and Coach who loves to learn and grow! (Don't we all?)

I set up the Business Impact Book Club because a) I know me discussing books with others will help to cement my learning and implementation...

b) I'm an extrovert so love interacting with groups

and c) I set myself the whacking great big goal to make 10,000 'giving impacts' via B1G1 this year - and this is one way to help me do that (in addition to when people buy something from me).

A great way to connect with me is on Linkedin. I'm the founder of Transformation Through Teams and CreativeFlow.

Transformation Through Teams

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