There's this massive problem that SME Business Owners and Leaders face, which is that you want your teams to be engaged and take real ownership yet sometimes traditional ways of leading and working only get in the way...

Outside Inside-Out Model of Employee Engagement

So forward-thinking leaders hire us to help them confidently grow a fun to run and highly-profitable business where they make a bigger impact and experience more freedom.

Many business owners and leaders have little freedom and impact because they’re constantly dragged back into the day-to-day, not to mention the distraction of any political tensions or silo mentality barriers, all of which can contribute to poorer performance than the potential they hired.

So using my “Outside-Inside-Out” model, we help them to: 

#1 - transform their team members to turn up to work with an ownership mentality and success mindset,

#2 - resolve any tensions and political relationships and instead have cohesive teams in creative flow and 

#3 - ensure the best structures and elements are in place so that teams can focus on what’s really important and increase performance exponentially 

Úna Doyle Bio

Founder, Principal Coach and Consultant.

Úna is an award-winning trainer, coach and consultant who has worked on major cultural and change initiatives with companies such as Argos and Network Rail as well as with local authorities in Manchester and Oldham.

Her largest speaking audience to date is over 2,000 Asda-Walmart head office staff and she regularly shares her knowledge and insights through online events and video. 

She is a graduate from the University of Leeds Business School. where she focused on change management. 

Subsequently Úna trained in life coaching, strategic business coaching and entrepreneurially-focused personality profiling. 

Úna is also one of only a handful of people in the world trained in an extremely powerful tool to shift people’s even deeply ingrained mindsets for lasting change.

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Why Do We Exist?

“To Facilitate Personal Growth, Self-expression and Fulfilment through Impactful Teams”

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Our Values


We dive deep, dare to go where others won’t because we believe that “Business IS Personal”, we get to the truth and address it. 

There is no room for egos here, we know we all stand on the shoulders of giants


We are abundant, believe in good, believe in immense possibilities and in huge personal and business growth all leading to bigger and more positive impacts for the world


We are not satisfied with the status quo, we use cutting edge tools and proven and profound principles that work to allow true empowerment.

We seek to always learn and implement, turning every challenge into an opportunity. 


We laugh lots, we take our work seriously but not ourselves, we are enthusiastic and energetic.


Every person is special and we want them to feel special. Even though at times our clients might be challenged by their journey of transformation, we look to create such a great experience and results that they can’t but help to rave to others.


The more we profit (in a win:win way for us and our clients), save and invest, the more we are able to give back and create impact to make the world a better place.

We seek to help our clients to increase their profits with a fantastic ROI on their investment so they can do the same.

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