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Of course you want to increase profits…

... Yet what if you could do that AND free up your time too? 

Picture this…

As you pull up to your office you see some team members going in the door chatting animatedly and catch that they’re not talking about what happened on Eastenders last night (MiseryEnders!) but instead they’re discussing an idea they’re excited to share at that morning’s meeting. 

When you walk through the office you feel the positive energy of people who love their work, want to be there and are proud of their results and the company. 

In fact, recruiting great staff has become so much easier with some fantastic finds recommended by your staff.

At your desk as you peruse your calendar with your cuppa in hand you see you have 2 WHOLE HOURS this morning for thinking time. Wow!

All because your teams are getting on with their thing by themselves, leaving you free to focus on what’s important for the future of your organisation.

No longer do you suffer constant interruptions and fire fighting!

And while you did enjoy the adrenaline rush of that, over time it became exhausting and frustrating. 

Now you get all the adrenaline buzz you can handle from your regular leadership team meetings - they’re not always easy but they’re never boring! 

Finally you get to have real conversations where EVERYBODY on the team contributes, decisions are made that everybody commits to and acts upon, and there is real trust, accountability and focus on results.  

Your mind wanders back to only a relatively short time ago when different managers would fight over resources, each lobbying for why THEIR department needed XYZ, regardless of what that meant for the company as a whole... 

Some managers used to take things personally which meant walking on eggshells around them. 

And one or two others had a tendency to talk and walk all over the quieter ones.

And what about those times you found out AFTER the fact that both leaders and staff didn’t always speak up about potential problems until it was too late. That cost a lot of wasted time and money!

You shudder as you recall attempting to talk with staff about the direction of the company, man it could be painful sometimes! A bit like trying to get a morose teenager to talk about their day at school… 

You smile as you remember the journey to today. It took some courage and wasn’t always easy but you love how much closer you feel to your team. 

Not that you’re bosom buddies with all of them outside of work. Yet, there’s a deep respect and inner knowing that whatever challenges life throws at you, TOGETHER you’ll find a way to sort them out.

What worried you most about this process when starting out were those members of staff, stubbornly entrenched in their ways that need to change the way they did things.

Some left of their own accord, (usually with sighs of relief from their teammates!) because with the renewed focus on results, ways of managing and increased accountability across the board…

...Well, there was nowhere left for them to hide! 

Yet many of the others not only changed - they’re now almost evangelical about the company vision, values and how empowered they are.

And of course they’re totally focused and proactive on how they can help you all achieve your most important goals. 

To think you had thought about ‘performance managing’ them out the door, that would have been such a waste of talent and potential for the business.

(You shake your head) Wow. 


Even though you’d previously gone through strategic planning and vision and values type exercises, when you’d looked at how they inspired staff - or rather didn’t really - that was a bit of a shock.

Then again, how could you have gotten to the heart of it all, how could you have discovered something really meaningful without having the difficult conversations you never previously dared to have?

Learning how to create conversations with ‘productive conflict’ was fascinating - and awkward at first!

Yet what you’ve discovered is a new level of clarity, alignment and communication that gets better results - and gets them faster.

And what you’ve learned about yourself and how you’ve shifted your own mindset too has not only transformed your business, but your home life too.

You’ve had challenging, yet much needed, conversations with family members that you never thought would happen in a million years. And been able to let go of stuff from the past that you had no idea was even still affecting you… Yet it was.

Now you listen to and trust your intuition even more and feel…. More you.

Not to mention how proud you feel of your leadership team and all your staff for the way everybody now pulls together heading in the same direction.

Oh yes direction, that reminds me - thinking time!

Hmmm… Let me consider that opportunity Janet mentioned the other day...

Want to have these results too? 

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Only One Third of Staff Are Actively Engaged At Work
Why should you care?

Well apart from the fact that you’re a human being, they’re human beings and our time and experience in the workplace affects us all - our self-esteem, wellbeing and personal life…

In fact, who you are as a leader and team member has a ripple effect.

...In addition to this, increases in employee engagement (real ones, not the lip service, tickbox kind) matter because:

(Un)Common Sense:
Your best staff are likely to leave if they don’t know and relate to your purpose and vision

The Stats: “71% of millennials who strongly agree that they know what their organization stands for and what makes it different from its competitors say they plan to stay with their company for at least one year. That number falls to 30% for millennials who strongly disagree. In short, if your employees don’t know why you exist, they are likely to leave. “ Gallup

(Un)Common Sense: Engaged staff put in more effort, come up with solutions and care about doing a good job and getting results for the company.

The Stats: Only 13% of feel connected enough to their workplace and mission that they’ll go above and beyond in order to achieve results.

But the 67% of disengaged employees who are present but have mentally ‘checked out’ will go to great lengths to do the bare minimum and lack enthusiasm.

Even worse is what happens with the 20% who are actively disengaged. These can even plot and scheme like any Shakespearean villain  to hamper progress, distract and affect other employees morale.

(Un)Common Sense: Employees get meaning from their work and perform better when their purpose and values are aligned with the organisation and they get to live them through their work

The Stats: Only 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they can apply their organisation’s values to their work every day, and only 27% strongly agree that they “believe in” their organisation’s values.
Among U.S. employees, four in 10 strongly agree with the statement, “The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important.”
By moving that ratio to eight in 10 employees, organisations could realise a 41% reduction in absenteeism, a 50% drop in patient safety incidents and a 33% improvement in quality. (Gallup)

Want to Improve the Common Sense in Your Organisation? 

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Let’s address the Employee Engagement Elephant in the Room!

With all this (un)common sense and extensive research and knowledge, why do most companies NOT have 90%, 97% or even 100% employee engagement?

Many are happy to get single digit improvements - if they even measure it at all…


...Because of Cultural Expectations

“You’ll never get 100% of staff to be highly engaged top performers.”

Well not with that attitude you won’t. Many organisations approach to 'Top Talent' mean they exclude the very valuable and necessary 'Steady Eddies' that implement day in, day out.

“It’s not personal, it’s business.”

Really? Classic film it may be but The Godfather has a lot to answer for… Organisations  (even highly automated ones) are made up of humans and we bring our whole selves to work. We don't leave our personalities at the door.

“If it was meant to be fun it wouldn’t be called work.”

Many employees themselves don’t believe that the workplace can be somewhere that they can be themselves and fulfil their potential.

...Because It's All About The Number's Isn't it?

The statistics on employee engagement tell their own story. Of course choosing the best strategies and monitoring your most important measures are important too. But how can you achieve the numbers you want over the longer term if you don't have engaged and empowered, high performing teams?

...Because of What You Were Taught about Conflict

“I have to win this argument or they'll think I'm a failure.”

Domineering bullying behaviour is bad.

“OK let's go around the table again to see if we're any closer to a decision...”

Consensus isn't always good either...

Productive conflict where ALL team members get to input, discuss and genuinely debate their views before a decision is made works. In fact, this is often the best way to arrive at great decisions for your organisation. Yet this can be hard to achieve because of people's feelings about conflict...

...Because of People's "Sneaky Subconscious Saboteurs"

“Maybe if I just tell them what they're doing well, they'll do more of that? I don't want to hurt their feelings... And look like a bad boss!”

“I know this idea would save the company tons but I'm too afraid to speak up...”

“Why do I STILL feel like I'll be found out as a fraud any minute? It's so stressful!"

Our subconscious patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours can sabotage our own - and our company's - success and leave us confused as to why we're not getting, or enjoying, the results we want.

Among other things this can affect leadership team's trust and accountability, how manager's handle their best and worst performers and front line staff's dealing with customers.

Not to mention people's behaviour in meetings...

So What is Possible?

With the right approach it IS possible to get results like in the story above... 

Will it be overnight? No. But you could start seeing a difference in weeks.

Will you need to do things differently? Of course! But with the right support and tools you'll find this easier than you think. 

Every situation is different so let's talk... 

Book a FREE  "Employee Engagement Health Check" call using the button below to get some insights on how to improve your employee engagement and organisational health...

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